Requirements & Regulations

The scheme specifies detailed requirements for:

the food safety system of the food organizations to be certified,

the certification system of the CBs,

the system of accreditation by the accreditation bodies (ABs).


Furthermore it contains regulations for:

the CBs which are licensed by the Foundation to provide certification on the basis of this scheme

the harmonization process in which the licensed CBs participate to align audit and certification issues

the accreditation bodies which accredit the licensed CBs

the Board, which is the central Board of Stakeholders and experts of the CBs


These requirements and regulations are presented in four separate Parts:

Part I contains the requirements of the food safety system and guidance on how to apply for certification

Part II the requirements for providing certification, including the regulation for the CBs and for the harmonization committee

Part III the requirements for providing accreditation including the regulation for the ABs

Part IV the regulations for the Board of Stakeholders


The requirements and regulations as well as a list of decisions by the Board of Stakeholders is available for download on the website.