HPC 420: The Global Safety and Quality Management System Standard for Home, Laundry and Personal Care Products

The Foundation HPC 420 introduces HPC 420, a new global safety and quality management system Standard for Home, Laundry and Personal Care products. The Standard has been developed on request of a large number of international HPC stakeholders, including world leading A- brand products manufacturers, by the Foundation SCV. Foundation SCV is a Dutch based, non for profit foundation which, amongst others, also developed FSSC 22000, the globally leading, ISO - based food safety and quality management Scheme.

HPC 420 is based on the PAS 420 standard, developed by the British Standards Institution, and adds a management component for product quality. Furthermore, HPC 420 sets out extensive requirements for certification and accreditation bodies by covering the infrastructure for audit reporting, compliance, control and integrity management.

The Standard is intended for auditing and certification of HPC safety and quality management systems, covering:

Sector A: the manufacturing of home care products (e.g. detergents, fabric softener, dish washing tablets etc.),

Sector B: the manufacturing of personal care products (e.g. shampoo, lipsticks, cotton pads, soap),

Sector C: (bio)chemical manufacturing (HPC ingredients e.g. vitamins, additives and bio-extracts (but excluding technical and technological aids of the manufacturing process),

Sector D: the manufacturing of HPC product packaging (e.g. direct, indirect contact with HPC products).

Transport and storage on site and as part of an operation are included. The Standard is applicable to all organizations in the HPC supply chain in these categories, regardless of size and complexity, whether profit-making or not and whether public or private.

“We thank BSI, which has worked together with important industry players like Henkel, McBride, Unilever, Metro AG, Co-opted and DNVGL, to draft the PAS 420. Furthermore we’re grateful for the support of SGS, LRQA, ISACERT and the F4SS organization. This input combined with the market- driven input from, amongst others, representatives of Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble, has been of great value to the finalization of the HPC 420 Standard.“ 

Fons Schmid, chairman of HPC 420

The HPC 420 Standard is available for free on the website. Certification Bodies that wish to obtain a license to start HPC 420 auditing and certification can send a request per e-mail to [email protected].