F4SS AuditOne Initiative

HPC 420 has teamed up with the Foundation for Strategic Sourcing , F4SS. This USA based Foundation, has launched the AuditOne Program in which HPC 420 was selected to be the global Standard for Home and Laundry safety and quality certification.

The AuditOne Initiative has developed a single set of quality standards and audit processes establishing a uniform harmonized standard for the consumer products industry. As a result, suppliers now have the opportunity to have one audit that will meet the requirements of multiple customers. As the initiative gains wide spread adoption, the time and effort currently required to host multiple similar audits could be reduced to as little as a single audit meeting the expectations of many customers.

Currently consumer products companies develop and manage individual Quality Audit Programs. This ensures that their suppliers are meeting quality expectations and regulatory requirements. These quality audit systems, while very close in their objectives, require suppliers to host multiple audits and comply with individual reporting procedures to meet compliance standards established by each of their customers.
The F4SS AuditOne program has changed this paradigm, with many customers accepting one harmonized audit standard. Once the HPC 420 audit is completed, it is posted on an interactive web based portal by the certification body conducting the audit, and made accessible to the participating customers by the supplier being audited through a secure access log on process.

To learn more about the F4SS and AuditOne initiative, please visit the F4SS.ORG website and click on the AuditOne tab located on the landing page. Here you will find a listing of participating customers, process overview, audit posting instructions and contact information to help you navigate the initiative and answer any questions you may have.