Legal status of FSSC 22000

Legal status FSSC 22000 PDF

The international, ISO- based, GFSI- accepted, independent food safety management system certification scheme - FSSC 22000 - is owned by a legal entity under Dutch law, called the Foundation FSSC 22000. The Foundation is governed by strict by-laws ensuring the continuing independency, non-profit nature and transparency. This also ensures that the finances are properly managed, all costs of the scheme are as low as possible and there is no funding to other organizations or individuals. The Foundation facilitates and owns the scheme and manages its copyright with licence agreements. The actual responsibility and authority for the content of the scheme and the delivered certification audits lies with the FSSC 22000 Board of Stakeholders.

The FSSC 22000 ownership of the scheme has its legal ground in copy-, trademark- and other intellectual property rights under Dutch and international law.

The Foundation has its registered office in the city of Gorinchem, The Netherlands and its actual place of business at the Stephensonweg 14, 4207 HB, in the city of Gorinchem, The Netherlands.

The Foundation, its Board members and its Articles of Association are registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under NR.64112403.

The Foundation is governed by Dutch law and is a legal entity, which means it has no shareholders or members and has a specific, in the Articles of Association described and registered objective, plus a minimum capital to (continue to) realize that objective.

a. The objective of the Foundation as stated in the Articles of Association  is the following: promoting the application of food safety and quality management systems;
b. developing, designing, managing and amending food safety certification and inspection systems in the field of food safety and quality; 
c. promoting national and international recognition and general acceptance of systems it has developed for food safety and quality; 
d. running information campaigns and providing information on food safety and quality;
e. providing support services for certification of food safety systems in the field of food safety and quality; 
f. performing all other actions that are related in the broadest possible sense with the aforementioned or that could in any way be beneficial to it.

For further information or questions regarding the legal status of FSSC 22000 of the functioning of the Board of Stakeholders please contact us.

Fons Schmid
Chairman Board of Stakeholders FSSC 22000
[email protected]